Robert's Political Views

We have a Constitutional Representative Republic. What this means is I am to represent you and your beliefs. I will not represent any lobbyists, any other politician that wants to endorse me and thinks I owe them a favor, or anyone outside of the District. I will be a citizen legislator of the people, by the people, and for the people, not a politician.


I believe in the Constitution, its Amendments, and the Original Context they were written in. I will defend it from those who want to destroy it and our Republic.  The Tenth Amendment states that the powers not delegated to the US by the Constitution should be reserved for the States or to the people. I believe this should be strictly enforced for every law that is on the books right now and the future bills.  I believe the Federal Government needs out of our lives and I want to go to Washington DC to make sure that it does. I want to ensure the States get their rights back according to Tenth Amendment.


I support Public Schools, Teachers, and the Administrators. I believe in paying them a living wage while reducing the Tax Burden from the Local Property Tax and increasing the State burden for School funding. The States should fund and protects its own system including the teachers and the administrators. The Federal Government’s role in Education should be eliminated. The State should provide funding and the guidelines for the local schools to teach.

Farmers and Ranchers

I believe in order to keep affordable food on the tables of our families, Texas farmers and ranchers should be protected from the regulatory overreach of the Federal Government. The Farm Bill only helps about 10% of the small farmers and the most of the money helps the SNAP program. These Farmers and Ranchers should be able to use their land without Federal Regulations that limit the use. They should be able to hand down the property from generation to generation without any Taxes.


I believe the Wall needs to be built along with Electronic Surveillance and an adjacent Road used by the Border Patrol. We need to close our border in order to stop drugs, human trafficking, and illegal crossings coming over the Border, which are criminal acts. These criminals need not be in our country. I will enforce the Laws on the books right now. I am not for having Sanctuary cities or any public benefits going to illegals. I agree with President Trump there should be only a Merit based Immigration done with vetting. I am looking at 1 year renewable farm worker visa. I will be holding employers criminally and civilly responsible for hiring illegal aliens.

Less Federal Government

I believe in more Local Governance at the State and Local levels. There should be less Federal Government as stated in the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution. We don’t want the Federal Government in every area of our lives. And they don’t need to be! All of what the Federal Government is trying to legislate outside of the Constitution belongs to the States and the People. Send someone to Washington DC to get the Federal Government out of our lives.

Federal Debt

We need to get rid of the 456 regulatory agencies that Congress only oversees. Once most of these regulatory agencies functions are transferred to the States it will free up money in the Federal Budget. A Balanced Budget Amendment must be made to the Constitution, that forces the Congress to balance their budget.

God Given Rights

We are given Certain Rights from God that no man or government should be able to override. Those are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The Framers of the Constitution believed this. That’s why they framed the Constitution as it is written. I will defend it with every fiber of my being and with my faith in God. This is why I am running! To save what the Framers intended in the Constitution and to bring America back in alignment with God’s Laws and Principles.


I believe in promoting all small businesses, with pro-business legislation and the reduction of unnecessary regulations from the Federal Government. They have no right to tell the Mom and Pop cornerstore what to do, when this right belongs to the State and Local Governments.

Energy Production

I believe in order to maintain our strong economic position in the future, United States should utilize its domestic oil and natural gas resources; especially these resources in our District within the Permian Basin. Therefore the economy in the west end of the District should be protected so they can be prosperous.  But to be ahead of the World economy, we should work on different technologies for energy production in the private sector..

Social Media

All Social Media should remain as free market companies. Let each of them figure out how to protect free speech. Because of this free market system, we  can move to any social media platform. This is what America is all about! We can do what we want within reason and within our laws. Why do we want to change it? We don’t want government in each area of our lives!


We should repeal ObamaCare immediately. It has only been a disaster for the middle class. No Government regulations should be in the healthcare system. This is a private sector issue. I would allow health insurance to be bought across State lines. I would go after Pharmaceutical companies to lower their prices; medicines are higher in America than anywhere else in the world. There should be upfront pricing for all Medical procedures; this produces competitive marketing.  I would allow the citizens create their own affordable health savings account with either a bank or insurance company.


I believe in more transparency in the Federal Government with term limits. The Senators should have two 6 year terms equaling 12 years. I believe the House should be four 2 year terms but can understand having up to six terms thus being equal to the same number of years as the Senators.  I believe in reducing the lobbyist and making sure the Representatives and Senators focus is in his or her District. I would keep in contact with the constituents of District 11 by several ways. I would keep most of the offices open that Mike Conaway has now. I would have town halls at least twice a year in each county. I would implement a phone-in town hall. I would continue to do FaceBook. I would have a website that would state what I voted for and why, with a place where a constituent could leave comments. I pray the constituents would let me know what they want on each bill I am looking at. I pray they would give me their voice and I will take their boots to Washington DC.

Protecting America: Foreign and Domestic Threats

I will protect America against all attacks whether they are foreign or domestic. This is the oath I vowed when I joined the Air Force and worked with the DoD. The foreign threats are Iran, Russia, and China. I will support President Trump’s work with these three countries. The domestic threats are from the Democrats and Rhinos who want to take our rights away especially the Second Amendment — the right to bear arms.

President Donald J Trump

Yes I support President Trump. He is the best President America has ever had. He has done most of what he has promised he would do – DESPITE the Democrats blocking EVERYTHING he has been trying to do. Why not send someone who is like Trump to help him finish the job? I am that man. I am NOT a politician. I am a former businessman like Trump. I am a Christian and a pastor. I will do what God tells me to do and not what the Swamp wants me to do.

Send a godly man to Washington to drain the Swamp!

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