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Meet Our Candidate ... Robert Tucker

He is a husband, a father, and a grandfather.

He is a Christian and a former Pastor of a small town church.

He is a former business owner.

He worked as Paramedic and Aircraft Mechanic.  He is currently retired.

He is a Republican that believes in the Constitution.

He is a Military Veteran.

He will fight for our Country. He will fight for your Family. He will fight for you in Congress!

His Political Mission is to bring all District 11 Constituents views to Congress and actually represent them.

His Political Views

All forms of Energy Production should be utilized.

The Constitution and Its Amendments should be defended as written.

The Public Schools, Teachers, and Administrators should be supported.

The Farmers and Ranchers’ lands should be protected from Federal government.

There needs to be a Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The Governance of the People should be in the Local and State Governments and less Federal Government.

The God Given Rights should be protected from Government.

Robert Tucker2

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